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So you know - we strive for the best on every project we undertake and approach every project with this achievement driven mindset.    We look forward to showing you what we mean.
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Here's a list of what we offer - pick the best fit. ;) Stop me when your hear the right one.

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What space, disciplines involved, rough measurements, that kinda thing.
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This helps us understand your expectations and the help you need with planning and design.  Here are your choices.  ;) Stop me when your hear the right one. 

A. -->  DESIGN-BUILD  means WE DEVELOP your construction-ready design and statement of work, along with an order-ready finish and fixture spec.  

B. --> CONTRACTOR  means YOU PROVIDE a construction-ready design and statement of work, along with an order-ready finish and fixture spec.  (for some simple installs as well)   

C. -->  HANDYMAN  is only for very small services.

{{answer_47248077}}, let's name your project, in a word - or three. *

This would be something like, "Master Bath Reno" , or "Back of Home Addition", or "Deck and Kitchen"
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Here are your choices.  ;) Stop me when your hear the right one.

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And hey -  Budget is only half the story - what you want for that budget, is the other half.  And that's the part we don't fully know yet, and we'll be working out next.
Great, thanks for introducing your {{answer_47245872}} project to us, now for how we reach you...

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...outstandingly btw!

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where this cool project is happening
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Sometimes a suite or Unit number.  But most of time, nothing goes here.
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I think I know, but go ahead and tell me.
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There's always so many.
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really helpful information - thank you.
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These enable us to ask the right questions moving forward.
What kind of property is this? *

...where we'll be doing these great things.  :)

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Awesome, love B2B.
Is there an insurance claim associated with this project. *

Hope not, it's so life-disruptive.  But we can help a little anyway.

And how did you learn about us, {{answer_47248077}}?

** If you started from a search engine like Google or Bing and that took you direct to our website - Awesome, then indicate the search engine!!

BUT,  if that search led you to another site to get our contact information (like Kudzu, Houzz, BBB, etc).  --> Lets give credit to that site instead - thank you :) *

! ADDITIONAL CALL REP TO CALLER:  So do you recall off hand -or should I read you some choices?

Are you interested in affordable payment options? *

We have:

A) 18 mths at 0%      B) 37 mths at 5.99%    C) 47 mths at 7.99%    D) 132 mths at 9.99%
Ok, Last  - but not Least:  PHOTOS (and other files too)

They give us a GIANT head start on helping you with your project.

If you don't have them now, no worries.  Look for the link sent to you where you can add them later in a snap

BTW, the best photos include larger areas, showing floor to ceiling, wall to wall, or ground to roof - helps a bunch!  ;)
Have those photos ready now? *

Attach that file!

Ok, shameless admition:  we love people who put the photos together with captions - just wow!  And you benefit from the exercise too! 

You can use tools like PowerPoint to get this done in a snap.

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~>>  Ok, {{answer_47248077}}, let's make that appointment.  <<~

1 - The appointment is for a free phone evaluation and estimate. 
After setting up the appointment, let the customer know they will receive a confirmation and reminder (by email/text).

2 - IF  the subject of "coming out to their home" comes up:  please tell the caller, yes, we start out with this phone call appointment to review their project, and then move to that point next.

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Look out for a text and email where you can setup up your appointment online.
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