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A. --> DESIGN-BUILD means WE DEVELOP your construction-ready design and statement of work, along with an order-ready finish and fixture spec.  And We Build It.

B. --> CONTRACTOR means WE BUILD - BUT YOU PROVIDE a construction-ready design and statement of work, along with an order-ready finish and fixture spec. (IE, you have your own designer and project architect) (This is also for some simple install projects as well)   

C. --> HANDYMAN  is only for very small services.

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BUT,  if that search led you to another site to get our contact information (like Kudzu, Houzz, BBB, etc).  --> Lets give credit to that site instead - thank you :) *

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We have:

A) 18 mths at 0%      B) 37 mths at 5.99%    C) 47 mths at 7.99%    D) 132 mths at 9.99%
Ok, Last  - but not Least: PHOTOS (and other files too)

They give us a GIANT head start on helping you with your project.

If you don't have them now, no worries.  Look for the link sent to you where you can add them later in a snap,

BTW, the best photos include larger areas, showing floor to ceiling, wall to wall, or ground to roof - helps a bunch!  ;)
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